Special Ed Brownies

Because of my disability, some things are harder for me to do.  I have to have someone help me when I blog because I don’t spell good.  Sometimes, I have to have someone help me read my mail.  When I try to cook, I get confused reading the directions and put too much water or not enough oil in mixes.  Two weeks ago, my friends had a graduation party.  I promised to make brownies for the party.

My mom and my friend, Angie, came over to my apartment to help me.  I had to bribe them with milkshakes made in my magic bullet, but they came over.  They helped to make sure I put the right amount of oil and water and eggs in the brownies.  While the brownies cooked, we talked about how I want to have my own YouTube cooking channel.   I got the idea from watching the retarded policeman.

I really want to have a bakery or a restaurant.  I have a food handler certificate, but no one wants to give me a job.  A cooking show on YouTube is a good idea.  I can cook and my friends can film me making things.  They can help me to put the videos on the internet.  Angie, my friend, has a food blog.  It is kitchenhospitality.com.  She thinks my cooking show is a good idea.  She had to remind me that I promised her a milk shake.  Sometimes, my memory is not good.

We talked and drank our milk shakes, then we decided that we would try and make some Black Bean Brownies.  The recipe is on the internet and they are supposed to be healthier.  I call them Special Ed Brownies because you don’t have to measure anything, so it’s easy for  me to do.

Here is how you make them.  It’s so easy even I can do it.

All you need to make delicious brownies is this:


One box of brownie mix and a can of black beans.

Empty the brownie mix into a bowl.


Drain and rinse the black beans.


Make sure the black beans only have beans, salt, and water as the ingredients.  Garlic and onion don’t taste good in your brownies.  YUCK!

After the beans are rinsed, put them back in the can.


You need to use a spoon and be careful so they don’t spill all over.  After the beans are in the can, fill the can up to the top with water with the beans still in it.

Dump the black beans and water from from the can into a blender.  I used the tall cup on my magic bullet and blend it until the beans are all liquid.


It almost looks like a chocolate milkshake and I tried to play a trick on Angie, but my mom told her.  Angie said she knew something was wrong when the milkshake I handed her didn’t feel cold.

Here is how you make the brownies.  You pour the liquid beans from the blender into the brownie mix and stir it all together.  No eggs, no oil, no measuring.

When it’s mixed up, you pour it into a pan sprayed with PAM and put it into the oven.  Bake it like it says on the box.  Then take it out of the oven.

You have a delicious pan of brownies.


When I first tasted them, I didn’t like them as much as the other ones, but that was because I used a different brownie mix than I usually do.   When I used my regular, favorite brownie mix, they tasted good.  Use a brownie mix that makes a rectangle pan full of brownies.

My brother and sister didn’t know they were bean brownies, and they ate them and said they were good.




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